Wednesday, October 14, 2009

the NFL loves boobs

Let me be clear - as a woman, with breasts, I obviouslywant a cure for breast cancer to be found. Fortunately no one in my immediate family has had to face breast cancer yet. I have participated in many relay for life events, send in my yoplait lids, and think the awareness and passion for a cure is great. My question about money being raised for breast cancer, just as with every other charity, is how much money actually goes to the research? Watching football the first sunday in October I could not help but notice the explosion of pink in stadiums across the country. Pink helmets, gloves, wristbands, ref uniforms, coaches jackets, hats, gloves, scarves, blankets....anything and everything. How much did that cost? I was relieved to see that they wore them again this past sunday; perhaps it will continue for all of october (which is breast cancer awareness month, in case you live under a rock). Again, how much did it cost? NFL team hats with varrying degrees of pink are all over the web and stores. Does the money go to research? What good is all of the pink, if none of the proceeds go towards the research? Is this just another fad? Dont get me started on "going green".

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