Thursday, October 8, 2009

what's next michael vick? purina commercials?

It sickens me that Michael Vick has a new reality show on BET (surprise surprise). Here's how I feel: He has paid his debt to society through the deserved jail time, and community service. Legally, he is allowed to return to whatever job he chooses. I guess his only marketable skill is football, so thats where he went. So many people say its just a job, but its not. Our society worships celebrities and athletes like they are Gods...whether they ask for it or not, pro athletes become role models for children, teens, and adults who rushed out to buy their new Vick jerseys and don them every sunday. Do these children and teens know that there is video of Vick swingin a dog by it's hind legs into a brick wall until it's head was bashed in? Oh I forgot, he apologized, and in our society an apology = forgive and forget. He apologized because he was caught...I do not believe he is sorry for what he did. It was a destructive and disturbing pattern of behavior which was sustained for a loong period of time. If he was ok with himself when he was abusing and slaughtering animals, all of a sudden getting caught means he is sorry and has turned his life around? If he hadn't gotten caught he would still be doing it. But now he has apologized, paid his debt to society, and he is again being worshiped. Nike has reinstated his endorsement, and now he has a new reality show. What's next, a purina commercial?

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